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Hedge Fund Quality System with a Low Fee


► Top standing at SignalStart

► Having lowest drawdown

► 95% trades are in profit

► Small leverage used per trade

► Losses are small

► Account equity on the rise

► Over 22 months trade history

► Fully verified trade history

Results Speak Louder Than Words


► For busy people having little or no time

► Big capital growth potential with small fees
► Email support by Ramesh
► Save thousands in course/training fees (yet can't be profitable)
► Save thousands on expensive trading software
► All trades managed by Ramesh, the creator of 10/20/30 Rule™


Ramesh has been trading his private fund for many years with great success.  In 2016, he decided to share his experience and his method for traders to build their own successful trading system using his quantitative approach. He started to write about 10/20/30 Rule™.
To prove his method is honest and does produce results, he created a trading account to be showcased on public domain, so people can track his trade progress in real time. His trade records were then published in 
He authored and released his books on Amazon beginning 2017. Soon, readers checked up on his records and some contacted Ramesh, to request if Ramesh could manage their trades.
In May 2017, Genesis Asset Monitor was born. The purpose is to have access to Ramesh's own private trading system in a most efficient manner and with a low fee structure.
Genesis Asset Monitor's client base has been growing and has been producing outstanding results since.

Verified Performance As Seen On:

Genesis Asset Monitor is fully compliant

with New ESMA Regulation*

In March, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) announced having agreed on a range of measures intended to harmonise EU-wide regulation and to provide better protection to retail clients trading leveraged products, like CFDs &  Forex

*The measures impact clients who are EU residents.

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