A non typical book

to transform the way you trade

Get to know how the 10/20/30 Rule™ is modeled after the late 16th century Italian painter, Caravaggio

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Trade Analysis

Common Problems

Not making progress trading? Strategy not producing results? Difficulty with trading? Not making money? 


Faulty strategy, No professional guidance, Strategy not scientifically validated


Lack confidence, Fearful, Confusion, Anguish


The 10/20/30 Rule™ will break this vicious cycle repeating

Transforms a mediocre trading system to become top performer

Uses simple to follow method without complex computation

Quickly and accurately establishes the performance profile of your trading system

Uncovers potential weaknesses in your trading system or strategy

Outlines a systematic approach for strategy development, testing and optimization

This book breaks down the complexities of quantitative testing into

straightforward easy to use method

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Specifically written for individual retail forex traders, this book will equip the reader in setting up a strong foundation in forex trading and showing the know-hows to building and testing an effective trading system using the 10/20/30 Rule



Ramesh has been actively trading Forex and the US Stocks/ETFs for over 20 years with great success. Over these years he had witnessed many Black Swan events in the trading world like the 2008 financial crisis, flash crash events, unpegging of Swiss Franc to Euro and Brexit that have caused severe market volatility yet his trading systems were unscathed and outperformed many.
Ramesh holds a first-class Honors degree in Aerospace Engineering and completed post-graduation in Information Technology from UK universities. He is an accomplished product design engineer and manager, and adopted his engineering skills into trading, and formulated his own trading style and system. He considers the principles in trading and engineering are not that different as both fields articulate to design and build a system that is dependable, profitable and has a solid performance. He lives with his wife in San Jose, California and in Singapore.



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