Author Reveals A Rulebook For Retail Traders To Have The Same Level Playing Field When It Comes To Trading Alongside Big Banks And Hedge Funds.

San Jose, April 2, 2017:  Squinting at price charts and drawing lines on the charts have become caveman’s tools in the 21st century markets. Large trading firms, institutional banks, hedge funds and even savvy alpha traders have moved past traditional trading methods and making trades using advanced mathematical algorithms and formulations to produce the highest risk adjusted returns. They have learned to play at the level where regular individual retail trader cannot even follow let alone to compete.


Ramesh has been trading Forex and the US Stocks/ETFs for over 20 years with great success reveals his instructions of building successful trading systems using the 10/20/30 Rule. 10/20/30 Rule is a powerful trading system developer that he has designed to build profitable trading systems by employing quantitative approach without complex mathematical formulation. He explains exactly how readers can implement these same tactics with the help of a real case example and showing how a mediocre system can be transformed to a winner by implementing the components of the 10/20/30 Rule.


The 10/20/30 Rule can be a fresh and mind-opening perspective a reader can appreciate and apply to achieve better results in their own endeavors.

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