Year end letter to Clients of Genesis Asset Monitor

The 2017 trading season has ended.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and I know there are subscribers here who have followed me since Genesis Asset Monitor copy service started in May with Signalstart. Now the asset has grown many times over and subscriber base has been growing strongly. I would like to thank you for your sincere support.

The most important thing that matters most to me is to deliver my best, to people like you who put their real hard earned money and follow my strategy. So, my main focus is to produce results for your commitment and trust.

I put a lot of energy to trade safely and successfully. It is like working 24/7, always I stay on top of things. The market is very divisive, it will trample traders who are not prepared or have a strategy that has Achilles' heels and the market will exploit the weakest segment and cause it to fall.

To stay winning, you have to build a bullet proof strategy and the market will test your strategy by throwing the kitchen sink at you. It will use all kind of means to topple the trader and the strategy. But top systems survive and thrive. It is extremely rare for a trading system to last 9 months without suffering huge drawdowns. Once you have a system trading that long with small loss, statistically you can go on and on.

Winning is like running a marathon and not sizzle and fizzle in a heartbeat.

Genesis Asset has seen many market conditions and has adapted well. 2017 was outstanding, it produced 200% gain with drawdown of 13%, producing one of the highest gain/drawdown factor, aka Calmar ratio. As I always mention, I watch only the drawdown and the gains will take care of itself. By having this, I am able to maintain the drawdown for 14 months of trading.

The goal for 2018 is simple. I want to produce the same 200% for next 12 months and keeping my risk level the same. I have my own interest to increase my investment too. So it is a win win for you and me. This is my commitment to my followers.

So, to win in the race, please stick with Genesis Asset like you have been doing and we can outperform many traders out there.

Wishing you a blessed and profitable 2018!

Many Thanks,


About the author

Ramesh is the author of 3 trading books “Trade Smart with 10/20/30 Rule™” , Making Big on CAD/CHF Forecast, and “Trade Forex with Confidence” which are available on Amazon. He created 10/20/30 Rule™ for traders to build and test their next money making trading strategy fast.


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