It Is Not The Time To Slack Off

The market currently is in a completely topsy-turvey mode and traders are getting whipsawed pretty badly.

This pattern started when S&P500 plunged at the end of Jan this year sending other global markets into some sort of confusion. That initial plunge triggered a mental confusion in trading amongst traders, including professionals.

The bears were expecting further drop of the equity markets from that initial drop and were shorting heavily on DOW, DAX and NIFTY indices. While the bulls were seeing this as the buying opportunity to buy on the dips.

Yet, we are witnessing that neither bulls nor bears are in control and the market is swinging widely without a clear sense of a trend, whether up or down.

Meanwhile, the currency market is also creating high volatility movements which are typically associated with indecision and panic buying or selling.

The USD has picked up tremendous momentum to the upside and Genesis Asset Monitor had understood the value of USD and invested nicely.

Lately we have exited very nicely on USD/SEK and USDNOK with a strong tail-wing on institutional buying frenzy created by the large amount of shorts on the dollar.We are taking advantage of these big moves and our accounts are on the tear.

I am very thankful for the great patience of my clients and believed in me, in my trading and the Genesis system.

However, I like to be extra-extra vigilant during these times. I will not allow myself to be complacent at any moment, but will maintain high alertness in making the trade entries with extreme care because the market will exploit those who are in a comfortable and secure position.

Hard work and Self-disciplines are still the keys to Success!

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About the author

Ramesh is an active trader producing over 200% gain in 2017 and author of 3 trade strategy development books sold on Amazon. He is the creator the 10/20/30 Rule™ that could transform a mediocre trading system to become a top performer by following a systematic and thoughtful approach on strategy development.


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