Genesis Clients' Update - Awesome June

Key Summary

  • Finished May with 13.06% gain

  • Made new equity high, again

  • Overall Gain reached 369% ending June 8

  • Maintaining mild drawdown around 5%


June start has been quite exciting. We seized the opportunity as the market was getting "excited" with news events. Genesis Asset Monitor thrives on this volatility.

Notably, the USD/ZAR trades finished quite well and swiftly. Mostly due to USD impact on the merging currencies like Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil to slide. Trading minor pairs is quite challenging but we know how to play them well and profit.

Late last month some were worried about sudden plunge in NZDJPY. But then as we had expected, the buying rushed in to prop the price up and I had closed USDJPY, NZDJPY and AUDCHF trades, took initial profits and re-entered those trades again.

These pairs have more legs to go from our re-entry price. Be aware the market can be extremely choppy before we hit the price target.

Followers Equity on the Rise

I am glad some of you update me about their account has reached new milestone highs like gaining 75% or 50% after joining GAM. I feel the same excitement as you do too! Your feedback and comments are really helping me to trade better. For those who recently joined, do stick around.

ESMA Ruling

For our European friends, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) ruling may take into effect from 1st August if you are trading with a EU regulated broker. Basically ESMA will drop the leverage to 30:1 for majors and 20:1 for minor pairs. Glad to announce that GAM trading is already compliant to the new ruling and has no impact whatsoever. So the strategy will function as is on your platform after the ruling.

Many scalping strategies will be severely impacted but not GAM. My leverage per pair is often less than 2 and with all trades opened, it is well below 10x leverage. So, there is no concern about margin issues etc.chart below on my last update (see below). Since

About the Author

Ramesh is an active trader producing over 200% gain in 2017 and author of 3 trade strategy development books sold on Amazon. He is the creator the 10/20/30 Rule™ that could transform a mediocre trading system to become a top performer by following a systematic and thoughtful approach on strategy development.

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